Links For The Church (7/16)

by Staff July 15, 2018

Letter To An Aspiring Theologian

Kevin Vanhoozer writes a humbling letter to those who are studying theology. He raises helpful questions to encourage the aspiring theologian to be on guard against sin and to move forward in faith.

The Grafted Life

In this reflection on grief and growing, Kelly Key shares how the death of her daughter is producing new beauty.

5 Simple Ways To Teach Your Kids Theology

Aaron Earls provides easy ways to invest in your children's spiritual growth. He includes reading, prayer, and living obediently.

The Instagrammable Christian Life

Instagram has shaped our world more than we realize, and Thomas Brewer reminds us that social media only tells half the story, and we have much more ordinary parts of life that glorify God. 

Why You Shouldn't Skip the Genealogies

"Long lists of names remind us the Bible isn’t about us. We want to skip the genealogies because they aren’t about us. They don’t “resonate” with us. But that’s exactly what we need to hear." – Jeff Medders