Links For The Church (7/20)

by Staff July 20, 2020

To The Friends Who Tell Me “No”

Is friendship simply about shared interest and constant affirmation? While those things may be encouraging and good, Ryanne McLaren reminds us that true friendship involves “compassionate conviction.”

Gospel Ministry: The Kingdom Only Triumphs Through The Unnoticed Faithfulness Of The Many

“Most of the acts that lead to the spread of the gospel, that will result in the gathering of a great multitude from every tribe and nation in eternity, will be unnoticed and unremarked in this life.” – John Stevens

Can We Sin in Our Sleep? What to Do with Troubling Dreams

Garrett Kell helps us think about our dreams. When we have a sinful dream, what do we do with it? Kell shares a balanced approach to both understanding dreams for what they are, and recognizing our own sinfulness.

When You Struggle With People Pleasing in Ministry

It can be difficult to know how to repent of people-pleasing tendencies in ministry. Jenny Whitaker walks through three passages of Scripture to encourage those who may struggle.

How Early Christianity was Mocked for Welcoming Women

Michael Kruger writes, “if early Christianity was a bad place for women, then apparently all the women who joined the movement never got the memo.”