Links For The Church (7/26)

by Staff July 27, 2020

5 Ways God Might Be Displease With Your Worship

Adriel Sanchez calls out some of the ways our worship might be sinful or wrongfully motivated. He combats these forms of worship with Scripture and shares how we might pursue true, God-honoring worship.


“Maybe instead of adding back into our lives more programs and activities, we commit to laying down our pride, putting aside our agendas and turning off our devices, and determine to start  seeing and hearing each other.”

Sending Mature Missionaries to Make Mature Disciples

In this post, Andy shares why we should send the “best of the best” to make disciples of all nations. Mature disciples have proven themselves in their church to be faithful, and these are the people we want on the mission field discipling others.

On a Path I Never Would’ve Chosen

Madelyn Canada shares about a difficult hike she took. The struggle didn’t seem worth the journey – but it was. In a similar way, our lives don’t always look like we expect, and if we knew the pain we might endure, chances are, we wouldn’t choose it ourselves. But the end is worth the journey.

5 Signs Sin Has A Powerful Grip On Your Life

This list is extremely helpful in discerning ways that sin could be controlling you without you being aware. These signs point to a deeper grasp that sin has on us and demonstrate depravity. Yet there is hope for the sinner.

Uncommon Brothers: Why God’s Men Need Good Men

“Uncommon brothers share a common allegiance, a common mission, a common first love, because they share him. Who are those men for you?” – Marshall Segal