Links For The Church (7/3)

by Staff July 1, 2017

When You Want to Put on a Mask

We are prone to hide, but the gospel frees us to expose all our sin because there is no end to the measure of God's grace. Scott Sauls shows us how people in the Bible either masked their sin or brought it to light. 

Why Your Smartphone is a Direct Threat to Your Friendships

Who is the tool and who is the master when it comes to your smartphone? Our smartphones can never be the friend we need, and Jasmine Holmes helps us see why we need to put distance between this long-term relationship. 

When Evil is Good

Barnabas Piper explains why children need to see evil. There had to be a serpent to show us our need for a savior, and children need this in their lives as well. 

Character: The Secret to Leading for the Long Term

"The key to lasting in ministry is character. There are many facets to it, but addressing the issues head on will change you, sustain you, and equip you to last for the long term."

Why I Need My Friends to Judge Me

Matthew 7:1 is often misunderstood by the church. In this helpful post, Scott Slayton shows why the church needs to address and call out the sins in one another in the battle against flesh and blood.