Links For The Church (7/6)

by Staff July 6, 2020


Susan Lafferty writes about the people in the Bible who often get distracted from the “main” thing. She encourages us to consider what worldly endeavors might distract us.

How to View Claims About Dreams and Visions

What should we do when someone claims to have a dream or vision from the Lord? Costi Hinn provides helpful Biblical foundations for this conversation and shares five ways to do this graciously.

Listen Quickly, Think Slowly

Slow thinking is not something many practice in an age of rapid information. In this helpful post the author points us to deep, philosophical, paced thought.

Cheap Knockoffs: Five Christian Heresies That Made The Modern World

“Those who fear our culture is returning to paganism are wrong: Our culture is developing an uneasy mix of pagan worldview saturated with perversions of Christian teaching.”