Links For the Church (8/1)

by Staff July 27, 2016

Conflict Resolutions, Excuses, and Race Relations

The way we deal with conflict may not be that different from the way we deal with racial reconciliation. Barnabas Piper provides helpful resources and practical steps for making progress in the way we deal with racial issues.

5 Reasons Christians Neglect Beauty in Theology

Matt Capps helps us to see that "The foundational theological assertion concerning beauty and aesthetics is that God alone is the source and substance of true beauty. And not only were we crafted in his image as aesthetic creatures, we were endowed with the capacity to enjoy and cultivate beautiful things."

Be a church with small groups, not a church of small groups

Small groups are valuable spaces where the church can go deeper than it is able to in other settings. However, when we value small groups over the larger gathering of the whole church, we miss out on the representation of heaven that comes from Sunday mornings.

The Gritty, Grace-Filled Virtue of Self-Control

Self-control is more than discipline, it is surrender to the person of Jesus. Courtney McLean reminds us that "His best feels like an outright assault against our good, but truly the boundaries He provides for us are there to allow us to flourish."