Links For The Church (8/10)

by Staff August 10, 2020

Fiery Foundation

Sharon Sampson shares some lessons she’s learned from rock formations, and what these teach us about God and the work he does in our lives.

It’s OK to Disagree Sometimes

Sometimes we have different about how to do things within our church or what to believe. Stephen Kneale writes about the elders of his church work through disagreements.

Teaching Church History to Children

These three qualities of teaching church history to children are presented by Simonetta Carr. She shares a healthy way to teach children about the “great cloud of witnesses.”

How 2020 Is Taking A Toll on Your Soul

“Technology that makes the internet and social media possible might move us forward in some ways, but we pay for it in other ways. We experience a faux omnipresence and faux omniscience, causing us to carry all the hurts of the world.” – Alan Shlemon

Are You Exploiting Your Church?

Luke Holmes provides a helpful litmus test for the pastor to see if they are using their church in an ungodly way.

But I’ve Never Been Discipled!

In this helpful post, Quina Aragon challenges those who don’t think they’ve ever been discipled. She explains that some of our thoughts about discipleship might be idealistic, but faithfulness is possible by obedience to God’s word.