Links For The Church (8/26)

by Staff August 25, 2019

Motherhood, Artistry, and Divine Creation

"Though composers speak of being carried away by their music, or writers of watching their characters shape the plot, for mothers this is no whimsy: the thing that their hands shape and their spirit molds does in fact have hands and a spirit all its own." -Lindsey Knott

College Freshman, Commit to a Church

John Kegley writes about the need for college students to find a church and to be committed to it. The temptation can be to believe that you do not need a church, and this article explains why you do. 

God Wants Your Weakness

What if God calls you to do something you do not feel qualified to do? How should you respond? Vaneetha Risner shares about God's faithfulness to use us even when we feel inadequate. 

Does Jeremiah 29:11 Guarantee Us Health and Prosperity?

In this transcript of a video with David Platt, Platt shares what this popular verse means and why we should expect a life of suffering that will lead to a life of glory and joy.