Links For the Church (8/29)

by Staff August 28, 2016

The Beautiful Gift of Gospel Community and Why You Need It

This piece from Brandon Smart at Emmaus Church brings us the reminder that "God has so gifted us with a means to remind each other of the gospel in Christian community."

The Long Defeat and the Long Lonliness

"We’re fighting a long defeat, not necessarily expecting to find a satisfying substitute in this life for the marital happiness we’re choosing to live without and instead pinning our hopes for spousal union on the future marriage Supper of the Lamb."

The Flawed Theory of "Social" Missions

 Joel James diagnoses three different problems with defining missions as "social work." We need to have a clear understanding of what the gospel is, what actions it causes for Christians, and who the true message of the gospel is about.

Why You Need a Church (Not Just a Campus Ministry)

In this article, Russell Moore challenges college students to press into a church body fully while they are in school. He encourages people who fit that demographic to make church primary, and campus ministry secondary.