Links For The Church (8/5)

by Staff August 5, 2019

Make Sunday Mornings Uncomfortable: Three Rules of Engagement at Church

Some parts of church life can be hard to do. One of those is engaging newcomers and making those who we don't know feel welcome. Rebecca McLaughlin provides practical help for us. 

Training Our Kids in a Culture That Affirms Transgenderism

"God did not make us into undifferentiated genderless automatons. On the contrary, he made us male and female, and that fundamental biological distinction defines us. " – Denny Burk

4 Non-Negotiables When Recruiting Young Leaders

Bill Noe writes about the things you should look for in young adults who want to become leaders. We shouldn't expect young adults to be ready to lead immediately, but these four things help give discernment on those who you should add to your team. 

Race Matters: Why We Must Send More Missionaries of Color

There are very few missionaries of color on the field right now. Doug Logan explains why this is the case and how we might make changes to diversify the mission field. 

10 Practices That Will Help You Grow in Christ and in Your Ministry

Doug Nichols gives practical and Bible-based truths for all who are in ministry. Many of these are common pieces of advice and this list compiles them in a helpful way with Scripture references.