Links For The Church (9/11)

by Staff September 10, 2017

Why Religious Liberty Matters for Creativity

Jason Thacker writes a helpful piece on the depth of affect that religious liberty has on art. He shows the Bible-centered value of artists holding to their deeply gospel-centered values. 

When You're Angry At God's Plan

In this honest piece, Kristen Wetherell shares her own experiences with anger toward God because of difficult circumstances, and how Christians can find hope in the sovereignty and grace of God in the middle of that anger. 

6 Ways to Teach Like Jesus

Jesus was the greatest teacher of all. Aaron Earls shares 6 ways we can emulate Jesus in the way that we teach others.

Forgiving the Wounds of a Friend

Hurt in friendship is incredibly difficult. Prayer, grace, and overlook are some of the ways Kristi Anyabwile helps us understand how to move forward after a friend wounds us. 

What is Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? 

J. D. Greear explains what the Bible says about this difficult-to-understand doctrine. He writes, "there is never a time when a person who turned to God with repentance was refused forgiveness. Never."