Links For the Church (9/12)

by Staff September 11, 2016

Technology Will Never Satisfy

Nathan Bingham calls out the technology idol of our day in this article. We constantly develop new gadgets because we long for it to satisfy. When we set technology in the right framework, namely that God is the ultimate Creator of it all, we can appreciate it with "a heart filled with thanksgiving to God."

How to lead better Bible studies: 5 mistakes your group wishes you didn't make

Bible studies can be places for wonderful spiritual development. Since much weight rests on the shoulders of the person leading the study, it's important learn to love the members of the group. Carl Laferton provides insight about ways for leaders to make Bible studies God-centered

Prepositions, Autumn, and Waiting

In this beautiful story about seasons and waiting by Lore Ferguson-Wilbert, she states, "It is a necessary death but not an eternal one. It is a scheduled death and not an immature one. It is the mark of growth, of maturity, of another year come and gone. It is death, but it is not the end."

You're Probably Misunderstanding What It Means To Be A 'Lukewarm' Christian

"The lukewarm Christian isn’t the guy who shows up on Sunday mornings, but can’t seem to make community group. The lukewarm Christian is the guy who leads in both settings, and his own activity convinces him he’s a Christian. But Jesus comes and says this guy is deceiving himself and He is about to spit him out."

Should Christians Worry in These Times?

Throughout time, the church has experienced various forms of trials from political and cultural forces. Ligon Duncan pastorally reminds us of this: "Don’t ever doubt that, even in trial and fire, God is up to something good."