Links For The Church (9/21)

by Staff September 21, 2020

Looking to What is Unseen

We want to see to believe, but the Kingdom of God is hidden – not all is made clear to us, writes Lauren Washer. We have enough to carry on and take steps of obedience, but we also must trust the unseen Christ to carry us through.

Learning Contentment

Micah Colbert shares three ways we can practically learn contentment. It is a practice, not something we learn overnight, so we must go through the steady process of growing in this discipline.

The Promise of Holiness

“Why should we be holy? What motivations are available to Christians for their heartfelt obedience to the law and will of God? Let’s be honest: this is hard enough that we need some high-grade motivation.” – Jared Olivetti

Church Planter, Are You Teachable?

Cameron Triggs writes that being teachable is necessary for a church planter to avoid pride. He shares that church planters must recognize they are not God, and they must seek to submit to wisdom.

Would a Loving God Wound Me?

In this encouraging post, Greg Morse contemplates the suffering we experience as believers. He describes God’s love, its impact on our lives, and its sustaining power.

How to Run a Good Meeting–And Why it Matters More than You Think

“We are always going to have meetings.  They are critical to what we do in ministry.  But, we can make them better.  And making them better (contrary to popular perceptions) can be a spiritual move to advance the cause of the Kingdom.” – Michael Kruger