Links For The Church (9/3)

by Staff September 3, 2018

Covenant Vows

Wendy Alsup writes about the cost and reward of covenant vows. She explains the occasions that warrant a vow and shares the promises of God in vows.

3 Barriers Keeping The Disabled From Church

There may be obvious barriers that keep someone who is disabled from being involved in a church, but there are theological, body-life, and leadership barriers that can keep people away. Chris Hulshof shares what these barriers are.

The Reward of Careful Walking

Alistair Begg writes "Careful walking may involve much self-denial, but it has pleasures of its own that are more than a sufficient reward."

The Idol of Idolatry

Has searching for idols become an idol itself? Lore Wilbert shares how she learned that she was not resting in Jesus, but working to smash all her idols.