Links For the Church (9/5)

by Staff September 5, 2016

When you feel a bit busted & old: the traumatic disorder of everyday life

Ann Voskamp exalts the Person of Christ in the middle of aging, brokeness, and discontentment in this soul-quenching piece. She proclaims the truth that "your life is unwreckable because Christ's love is unstoppable."

10 Ways Not to Help a Hurting Friend

It's a touchy thing to help someone who is struggling through hard circumstances and more often than not, we don't really know how to help. Dave Furman provides us with 10 practical ways to be mindful of the "help" you are providing your friends. 

We Hold Precious Words Close

God's Word is a beautiful gift that we often ignore. Erik Raymond draws us back into the loveliness of the Bible, encouraging us to remember that "the Christian has the perfect words of God, they are scented with heaven, preserved for us, and even addressed to us."

From Flight to Fight: How Christians Struggle with Sin

This article from Greg Morse deals with the nature of our battle against sin. We are always in the war against flesh and blood, and we must also have a place of refuge. "The paths we take from various temptations will differ, but the principle is the same: seek to find refuge in Christ."