Links For The Church (9/9)

by Staff September 8, 2019

Praying Beyond the Prayer Card

Abigail Murrish writes about her transformed prayers for her daughter. She shares how to pray specifically and boldly for children. 

How Pornography Makes Us Less Human and Less Humane

"The lives of those who make and consume pornography bear the stamp, the image of Jesus Christ."

Preachers, Show Them in the Bible

John Piper shares two reasons why sermons must be "Bible-saturated" and what it means if they are not. 

What Does the Bible Say About Poverty?

Relationships with the poor are complicated and uncomfortable. Marissa Postell writes that loving the poor is part of our calling, and provides Scriptural basis for this calling. 

Women: You(r Gifts and Leadership) Matter in God’s Kingdom

J.D. Greear writes, "We need more women in the church who, like Deborah, identify and act on their gifts and callings."