Manhood is not an age thing, it’s a character thing. Interacting with men who profess to know Christ is increasingly frustrating in ministry and especially marriage counseling contexts.

Honestly, men, it’s time to step up and stop blaming everyone else for your problems. Stop blaming others for your sexual exploits, drinking, bursts of anger, laziness, gluttony, loose spending, etc. Stop blaming mommy and daddy, wife and kids, bosses and co-workers, or anyone else. Everyone is broken in their own way. Everyone has been abused in their own way. Your past does not define who you are and your wounds do not excuse you. Sinful or shameful behavior is just that and is inexcusable.

All too often society teaches that someone else is to blame for your problem or says "hey, take this pill and it will dull your pain." Rarely are you taught to stop making excuses, take responsibility, and do what you are called to do.

Men, start leading your family and stop expecting your wife to carry the load. Stop playing video games half the night and looking at inappropriate, sexually explicit images, the other half. Stop coach potatoing it: eating junk, drinking sodas, watching Netflix until 1 am, and then complaining when your wife doesn’t want to “sleep” with an overweight slob that has ignored her and done nothing to help around the house. Stop treating your wife like a servant, and treat her like the treasure that she is. You will be amazed by the difference it will make in your home.

Men, God has given you the privilege of leadership. All too often men want to privileges of leadership without the responsibility of it. One does not go without the other. Model godliness for the next year and then go to lead your family and you will be amazed the difference it will make.

‘Nuff Said.’