The 10 Most-Read Posts of 2018

by Staff December 14, 2018

Here are the top ten most-read entries at FTC this year, in descending order.

1. 5 Distinctives of Biblical Leadership by Mike Ayers

"If we will recommit ourselves to the standard of God’s Word as opposed to taking our beliefs from the culture, we may catch a glimpse of the brilliant possibilities for biblical leadership and the stark, colorful difference this kind of leadership will make in the middle of a world full of shades of gray."

2. God Will Give You More Than You Can Handle by R.D. McClenagan

"These days I am able to balance two profound truths in my head at simultaneously: God will give you more than you can handle, but He will nevergive you more than He can handle."

3. God is Great, God is Good by Doug Ponder

"The greatness of God without the goodness of God isn’t Christianity—it is fatalism. Lots of religions have taught that their god is supremely powerful. What makes our faith unique is the message that the supremely powerful God acts on our behalf and for our good. He loves us and cares about us."

4.  Five Spiritual Dangers of Skipping Church by Nathan Rose

"What we spend our time on shows what we truly value. If you miss church in order to sleep in or to attend a sporting activity, what does this say about the worth you ascribe to God?"

5. Five Better Ways to "Argue" About Social Justice by Jared C. Wilson

"Remember not to talk first as a pro or anti social justice tweeter, but as a Christian."

6. A Puritan's Advice on What to Watch on Netflix by Clayton Kraby

"Don’t let the list of most popular shows and movies dictate what you’re going to spend your time viewing. Just because it is popular doesn’t mean it’s good. We cannot pretend that what we give our attention to does not impact us. Just as we need to watch what we consume in order to stay physically fit, we should be mindful of the entertainment we consume in order to stay spiritually fit."

7. How to Encourage Your Pastor by David McLemore

"Leaders take a lot of heat. Let only their actual words and actions be discussed, not feelings about such words or actions, especially if you disagree. Be slow to speak. Remember, don't cause problems. Don't let your prayer requests for others be a shrouded attempt to spread the news that isn't yours to spread. Don't be the wind on the flame of gossip. Be the water."

8. A Concern with Francis Chan's Home Church Planting Model by Adam McClendon

"Certainly, nothing is wrong with following a multiplying home church model. Just be careful not to present it as a purer form of Christianity or Christian community. We must be careful not to advocate that this model is inherently more biblical because it is smaller, quicker, and in a home. Challenges exist with every approach to executing God’s command to gather in worship and make disciples of all nations."

9. What To Do When You Meet a Beggar by Jared C. Wilson

"The Sermon on the Mount is so impractical. So inefficient. If you were designing a religious system for maximum ease and self-actualization, this would not be it. The whole thing seems designed to make its adherents 'get taken' left and right. Somebody asks for my coat, and I give them my shirt too? Somebody asks for a mile, and I go with them two? Somebody hits me, and I offer them my other cheek? This isn't only not street smart, it isn't even common sense. Jesus is asking us to put ourselves in some very vulnerable positions."

10. Pastors and Churches: Don't Celebrate Brokenness by Erik Reed

"Be wise as you teach on brokenness. Admit that leaders are broken people who need grace. Confess we will battle brokenness until Christ returns or brings us home. But praise a greater aim than brokenness."