The world we live in today is filled with controversies, debates, social issues, and scandals. Let's just be honest, our sin has supplied us with thousands of different areas that we can dabble in each day. The media is all over it too. Anyone taking a stance on homosexuality, abortion, gun control, Target bathrooms, or what have you, is opening themselves up to slander from those in opposition.

I do think Christians should be at the forefront of important issues. We should be standing (fighting, if necessary) for the truth. We should be advocating for the lives of the unborn, for the sanctity of marriage, and the safety of our families. We should be filling the government with people who hold fast to what is right and cling to what is good. There is not a thing that is outside of our scope. Every problem, every debate, can and should be seen through a biblical worldview. By and large, we seem to be pretty good at having an opinion. We pick our area of concern in which we labor in time and prayer over. Some stand outside of abortion clinics and plead for the lives of the babies being murdered inside. For some, it's raising awareness about sex trafficking in our country. Some spend a lot of time engaging in debates against other world religions or against the theory of evolution. For others, it's promoting the political candidate who they think will hold to Christian values. And still others choose to fight their battles on Facebook or by boycotting certain stores. I know how it is to find your "niche" and to stay in it, to have a heart for the unborn, the women in slavery, the atheist, or the Muslim. Maybe you're outspoken politically or tend to debate evolution often. Maybe you're known for speaking out against gay marriage. I get it. We find what we are opinionated or passionate about and we stay there. We beat that drum. I believe God gifts us uniquely with different passions and ministries and that is good.

What I do want to pose, however, is something that overcomes, overpowers, and transcends every issue and every corruption in any trench of ministry we might find ourselves. The Gospel. What I am posing is that we begin to see the Gospel for what it really is, the power of God to salvation for anyone who would believe. I believe that if Christians would begin to rally around the Gospel of Jesus, we would see change in our society. You see, the root of any number of our culture's problems is sin and that is what needs to be addressed. Don't polish a sinking ship; instead, fix the leak. It isn't our job as Christians to make lost people more moral. It's not even our job to make lost people act more like saved people. We don't need to pat them on the back on their way to hell. We need to be making dead people alive. That happens through the life-giving blood of Jesus. That is the drum that we need to be beating; that Jesus of Nazareth is waking dead hearts to life.

If we were united in proclaiming the Gospel from every pulpit, every street corner, every workplace, and every dinner table, it is powerful enough to save. The Gospel is what changes people's opinions on abortion, on sex trafficking, on adultery, on marriage, on gender, on politics. It's the Gospel. It is more powerful than any reason you can give someone to not have an abortion. It is more powerful than any plan to keep children from being orphaned. It is more powerful than any debate or boycott. The Gospel is the most effective strategy for restoring our country’s definition of marriage and gender. It's the most effective way to end evil. Hope for our society is found only in Jesus. It's in His Gospel that we find the remedy for sin, in any manifestation. Let's not spend too much time trying to make lost people more moral, instead let's be dedicated to proclaiming the heart-changing, life-altering Gospel that is the power of God.