Links For The Church (10/18)


Our Father Almighty

David McLemore

The Depressing Dead End of ‘Your Truth’

Brett McCracken

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Oct 18

Links For The Church (10/18) by Staff

This week’s links include resources on loneliness, praying for authorities, doubt, and not being easily offended.

Oct 18

Cultivating a Gracious Climate in Your Church by Jared C. Wilson

A message of grace may attract people, but a culture of grace will keep them.

Oct 15

Our Father Almighty by David McLemore

God’s fatherhood capacity has no limit.

Oct 14

The Depressing Dead End of ‘Your Truth’ by Brett McCracken

We can choose the sources of where we look for truth. We can choose how we synthesize truth and apply it as wisdom in everyday circumstances. But we don’t get to choose whether or not something is true.

Oct 13

Loving The Legalists by Jaylenn Wong

Do you still bear the marks that legalism left? If so, do you have compassion and love for those who are still under that lash?

Oct 13

The Most Important Thing by Jim Elliff

When wars have ceased, international leaders have become dust and the poverty of their souls is revealed; when enterprises crumble and the last dream has evaporated; when death has claimed the final person, and those alive are changed for their eternal future; when everything earthly and mundane is over, and each person resides in heaven […]

Oct 13

Episode 139: Scott Thomas on The Gospel-Shaped Leader by Jared C. Wilson

On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared Wilson visits with Scott Thomas, Executive Pastor of Immanuel Church in Nashville, Tennessee, about gospel-shaped leadership, the importance of emotional intelligence and self-awareness among ministers, and Scott’s own time pastoring at Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington and what he learned from its implosion.

Oct 12

Pastors, Fight Against Fear of Man by Fighting for the Fear of the Lord by Dave Cook

When I began pastoral ministry, I didn’t realize it would be my job to disappoint people. I had to tell a young man he wasn’t ready for ministry. I had to counsel a couple that they shouldn’t get married. I had to  inform the church that Sunday’s text means exactly what they don’t want it […]

Oct 12

The Christian Creeds: An Introduction by Rhyne Putnam

From the very beginning, creeds and creedal formulations have played a crucial role in the beliefs and practices of Christian churches. Some Christians (usually in free church traditions) deny the creeds any authority in teaching or value in worship. But this rejection of tradition usually stems from a misunderstanding of the function of the creeds […]

Oct 11

He Must Really Love Us by Jared C. Wilson

Jesus never stops at any point and says to these consummate dum-dums, “You know what? I’ve had it with you guys.”