May 20

Dean Inserra on Staying in Ministry by Dean Inserra

What is a key ingredient for longevity in ministry? 

May 2

How to Fall in Ministry (and What to Do When You Do) by Jared C. Wilson

One reason we struggle to imagine fallen pastors being restored to ministry is that so few “go away” long enough to establish credible qualifications. If it will ever happen — and that’s a big “if” — it must be after a very long obedience in the same direction — out of the spotlight and out of leadership.

Mar 30

Prioritize Sitting at Jesus’ Feet by Nick Martin

Despite Martha’s admirable service for Jesus, Mary is commended for seizing the opportunity to sit at the Lord’s feet and hear the Word of God.

Mar 11

What is Your Ministry Posture? by Nathan Williams

Are you slumped over into a critical position that always finds the wrong and warns to avoid? Or, even when you must point out error, do you do it so that you can help to construct something lasting and strong?

Mar 7

The (Consistently) Gospel-Centered Shepherd by David Bronson

Let’s commit to not only preaching out of the heart of the gospel, but pastoring out of it as well. The former, we learn to do as we mine the Gospel for the benefits that it can give to our flock.

Feb 24

The Painfully Precious Gift of Pastoral Weakness by Stephen McDonald

I was certain that any wisdom, gifts, or positives that I brought to the table were easily negated by my leadership weaknesses, lacking pastoral skills, and crippling fear of man. And I was right.

Feb 9

A Healthy Itinerant Ministry by Ed Romine

If an itinerant minister is willing to be under the authority of a local church, commit to heralding topical expositions, and making much of Jesus, he will be a blessing to Bible-loving local churches wherever he travels.

Feb 8

The Strengths of Plural Leadership by Branton Burleson

Several years ago a pastor friend from a nearby First Baptist Church invited me to share with his congregation some biblical teaching on plural elder leadership. As I waited for the service to begin that evening, a display in the church’s foyer caught my attention. It was the original minutes from the founding meeting of […]

Dec 31

Jani Ortlund on Serving the Church as a Pastor’s Wife by Jani Ortlund

Should pastor’s wives feel a burden to serve the church in a unique way?

Dec 27

Do You Desire The Ministry? by Jason K. Allen

There is no such thing as a pastor who knows only the burden of leadership or only the sweat of service.