Jul 6

Jani Ortlund on Advice to Wives Whose Husbands are Starting Out in Ministry by Jani Ortlund asked Jani Ortlund, Executive Vice-President at Renewal Ministries, “What is a piece of advice you would give to women whose husbands are just beginning in ministry?”

May 20

Jason K. Allen on the Rising Generation of Pastors and Students by Jason K. Allen

Series: Conversations asks Dr. Jason K. Allen, President of Midwestern Seminary and Spurgeon College, "What encourages you about the rising generation of pastors and students today?"

May 17

I Wrote this Blog Post on Church Time by Jared C. Wilson

The reality for most pastors is that there is no such thing as “church time.” It’s all church time.

Apr 5

Pastors Must Be Well Thought of By Outsiders by Jared C. Wilson

A short post with some practical application of an often overlooked biblical requirement for qualified pastors.

Mar 9

Four Things to Consider in a Transition From Your Church by Mike Ayers

I recently resigned from a church that we planted in 1995 and that I pastored for 25 years. It was a huge decision and, while knowing some things going into it, I also learned some things from it.

Feb 26

Clint Pressley on Training Men for Ministry by Clint Pressley

Series: Conversations

What are some important components in training men for ministry?

Feb 25

Steve Bezner on Developing Relationships with Muslim Leaders in Our Cities by Steve Bezner

Series: Conversations asks Steve Bezner, Lead Pastor at Houston Northwest Church in Houston, TX: "Why do you develop relationships with Muslim leaders in your city?"

Feb 19

Won Kwak on Advice for the Pastor Who Wants to Quit by Won S. Kwak

Series: Conversations asks Won Kwak, pastor at Maranatha Grace Church in Fort Lee, New Jersey: "What do you say to the pastor who's tired and wants to quit?"

Jan 20

Are You Ready to Defend the Faith? by Jason K. Allen

The concern is not eloquence but the ability to rightly study, interpret, teach, and apply God’s Word.

Jan 8

Dean Inserra On Healthy Marriages In Busy Seasons by Dean Inserra

Series: Conversations

How do you cultivate a healthy marriage in the midst of a busy ministry?