Oct 4

Episode 231: FTC Mailbag by Jared C. Wilson and Ross Ferguson

Everybody’s favorite feature is back! On this FTC Mailbag episode, Jared and Ross respond to listener-submitted questions and topics like pastoring without seminary, terms for elders, restoring disqualified pastors, what happens to the soul when someone dies, whether SBC churches should bring into membership those baptized as infants, and more.

Sep 6

Episode 227: FTC Mailbag by Jared C. Wilson and Ross Ferguson

It’s another Mailbag installment of the FTC Podcast. This time Jared and Ross discuss listener-submitted questions on patriotic worship services, difficult books of the Bible, communicating to a church a pastor’s transition, discipleship with and for the disabled, how to know when one is ready to take a lead pastorate, and more.

Jun 1

On Conversion as Our Aim by Charles Spurgeon and Jason K. Allen

The grand object of the Christian ministry is the glory of God. Whether souls are converted or not, if Jesus Christ be faithfully preached, the minister has not labored in vain, for he is a sweet savor unto God as well in them that perish as in them that are saved. Yet, as a rule, […]

Apr 28

Jared C. Wilson on Advice for New Pastors Who Want to Quit by Jared C. Wilson

Series: Conversations asks Jared C. Wilson, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry at Spurgeon College and Writer-in-Residence at Midwestern Seminary, what advice he would give a new pastor who already wants to quit.

Apr 18

Encourage Discouraged Pastors by Jim Elliff

I doubt that you could possible know what intentional love can do for those God has, in his providence, put over you in the Lord.

Mar 28

How to Respond to Deconstructionist Social Media by Zach Hollifield

Last week, a young adult I pastor came into my office to ask about something he’d seen. It was a video of a deconstructionist influencer on TikTok “proving” that the Gospels are unreliable. He wanted to know what I thought. The video had shaken his faith. Videos on social media like these have millions to […]

Mar 6

Do You Love the People of God? by Jason K. Allen

Ministry service is glorious, but it can also be uniquely taxing, and only those propelled by a love for Christ and His church survive the long haul.

Feb 13

3 Surprising Agreements Pastors Must Make by Jared C. Wilson

These are not the agreements we set out to make when we obey God’s call or accept a church’s appointment to the pastoral office, but these are agreements we make anyway. They just come with the territory.

Jan 12

A Plea for Sound Doctrine by Brannon Pate

If you could write a letter to someone before you died, what would you say? Many of us would write to our spouses, children, or close friends to remind them how much we love them. Or perhaps some of us would write to that person who we had withheld forgiveness from for so long to […]

Jan 10

5 Books Every Student Should Read Before Graduating High School by Will Standridge

When I was in high school a pastor put Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper in my hands and it changed my life. It helped reorient my worldview around a sovereign God who called me to spend my life for the things that mattered. That book was a cheap, but enormous investment in my […]