Mar 29

Gospel-Centered Preaching by Ross Ferguson

While attending Heriot Watt University I took a public speaking class. The course led students to produce and effectively deliver a public speech on any given subject. A well-crafted and excellently delivered speech can certainly produce results; at the very least an applause would be warranted. Although a response is given it is usually short […]

Feb 14

Episode 250: Grab Bag! by Jared C. Wilson and Ross Ferguson

It turns out the Grab Bag concept was a hit! Y’all liked the first episode with this concept so much, we’re going to make it a regular feature on the program. In the Grab Bag episodes, Jared Wilson and Ross Ferguson each bring 2 surprise topics or questions for the other to answer.

Jan 24

Episode 247: FTC Mailbag by Jared C. Wilson and Ross Ferguson

A new mailbag installment is here! A couple good questions on preaching, whether it’s ever permissible to “sprinke” rather than immerse, what to do with an unqualified elder team, how important is it to know the biblical languages?, moving a church away from a senior pastor model, and more.

Jul 10

Henry the Baptist Came Preaching: Henry and Baptist Political Theology by Jason G. Duesing and Jesse Payne

Was there anything distinctively Baptist about Henry’s political thought? The answer is yes, and it is focused on the first freedom: religious liberty. Carl F. H. Henry was a Baptist. That might seem like an unnecessary remark in a volume devoted to Baptist political theology, but with Henry it is a point worth making. During […]

May 10

Jonah’s Audience Unlocks Our Preaching by Andy Shurson

I don’t remember a lot from Sunday School as a kid, but one picture that remains clear in my mind was coloring the picture of Jonah in the belly of the fish. That picture, which so beautifully engages imaginations young and old, makes the Book of Jonah exciting and difficult to preach. With a familiar […]

Mar 13

50 Thoughts on Preaching by Jared C. Wilson

A few things — well fifty things — I think I’ve learned after nearly 30 years of preaching.

Dec 23

Thoughts about Christmas Sermons by David Prince

Of all opportunities for special occasion sermons, I have found Christmas to be a uniquely powerful cultural opportunity. In our nation there are almost universally recognized sights, sounds, scenes, and foods associated with the time each year when we celebrate Christmas. What a pastoral gift.

Sep 26

Missing God’s Word While Preaching God’s Words by Ben Connelly

Did you know that the Bible never refers to itself as God’s Word? Before you tear your robes and stone me for heresy, I do believe that “all scripture is God-breathed and profitable” (2 Tim. 3:16). And I do believe that the words we find in our Bibles are indeed God’s words. But God’s words […]

Apr 20

The Divine Supernatural Responsibility of Preaching by Ed Romine

The preaching of the Bible is a supernatural event that prepares eternal souls for the Day of Judgement. Sound preaching matters eternally.

Apr 11

4 Keys to Preaching from a Manuscript by Jared C. Wilson

I think more preachers should adopt the practice of using a manuscript. If you’re interested in giving it a try, here are some things to keep in mind.