Apr 1

Clint Pressley on Who Has Influenced His Preaching the Most by Clint Pressley

Series: Conversations asks Clint Pressley, Lead Pastor of Hickory Grove Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC, "Who has influenced your preaching the most?"

Mar 26

Up To Your Neck by Ronnie Martin

Series: The Preachers Corner

Join Ronnie Martin every Friday for The Preachers Corner, where he offers some words of comfort and stories of hope to help preachers enter the weekend encouraged by the gentle and lowly heart of Jesus.

Mar 26

I Will Not Offer the Lord What Costs Me Nothing by H.B. Charles, Jr.

When you offer God your best work, you will sense his smile on you as you preach.

Mar 5

A Call To Ministry Is A Call To Preach To The Lost by Dave Harvey

If you don’t want to reach people with the gospel, you’re probably not called to be a pastor.

Feb 26

Have You Been With Jesus? by H.B. Charles, Jr.

Effective public ministry is the result of meaningful private devotion.

Feb 12

Sermon Delivery Matters by David Prince

When our manner of delivery conforms to the message of the biblical text, it becomes obvious that the text we are preaching has pierced our own heart.

Feb 5

Won Kwak on Sermon Prep by Won S. Kwak

Series: Conversations

How do you write sermons? Describe your sermon preparation process.

Feb 4

Four Realms of Realization in Preaching by Jason K. Allen

When it comes to preaching effective sermons, familiarization is an essential step.

Feb 3

Closing With Christ by Jim Elliff

It is not the efficacy of a prayer that saves; Christ alone saves.

Jan 26

Jared Bumpers on What Percentage of a Church’s Preaching Should be Expository by Jared Bumpers asks Jared Bumpers, Director of Student Life and Assistant Professor of Preaching and Ministry, “What percentage of a church’s preaching should be expository?”