Student Ministry

May 20

The Indispensable Necessity of Doctrinally Rich Young Adult Ministry by Daniel Bouchoc and Zach Hollifield

I’ve worked within student ministry in some capacity for 12 years. If junior highers smell like body spray and if high schoolers can smell fear, then young adults (YAs) have a nose for inauthenticity. They see right through the smoke machine and lights. They quickly pick up on lack of depth. And they know on […]

May 8

5 Tips for Learning to Preach as a Student Pastor by Will Standridge

If your church has given you the title of “Youth Pastor,” “Student Pastor,” “Children’s Pastor,” or “_____ Pastor” then your church has called you to be a competent preacher whether you realize it or not. In 1 Timothy 3 the one competency Paul expects of any elder is that they are “able to teach.” The […]

Jan 19

Why Your Students Need a Reading Plan by Andrew Harper

To be totally honest, I didn’t start reading the Bible on a consistent basis until I was in college, I didn’t read much of anything until I was in college. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the Bible or think it wasn’t important, I just didn’t know where to start. The Bible is a big […]

Nov 30

Episode 188: Youth Pastor Pet Peeves by Jared C. Wilson and Ross Ferguson

Jared and Ross have let worship leaders and pastors have it. In this episode of the FTC Podcast, they take aim at what bugs them about youth pastors. Come for the grouchiness. Stay for the encouragement.

Apr 7

Student Pastors Form Ecclesiology by Andrew Harper

As leaders, what we think about the church theologically leads to how our church operates practically, but it happens in reverse for our students. As they see how the church functions practically, they develop their own theology of the church, their own ecclesiology. 

Feb 9

High Schoolers Can Be Church Members, Too by Taylor Cain

Fellow student pastors and ministers, charge your high school students to commit themselves to the local church now.

Apr 13

Sam Bierig on the Most Important Ingredient in Student Ministry by Sam Bierig

Series: Conversations asks Sam Bierig, Dean and Assistant Professor of Christian Studies at Spurgeon College, "What is the most important ingredient to student ministry?"

Mar 9

Six Principles For Youth Ministry by Jonathan Leeman

The way of Christianity is the way of unity between old and young saints in the body, and if you want our youth to take this way, show them the road.

Feb 5

Does Your Youth Group Look Like the Muslim’s Next Door? by Micah Hayes

If the gospel is the one thing that makes us unique, then the gospel needs to be the one thing that shapes how we do everything.

Jan 7

What Greta Thunberg Teaches Us About Teenagers by Micah Hayes

Here is the bottom line: when young people are passionate, bold, and relentless, things change.