Jan 7

Patrick Schreiner on How an Understanding of the Gospel of the “Kingdom” Influences Christian Ministry by Patrick Schreiner

We asked Patrick Schreiner, associate professor of New Testament and Biblcial Theology at Midwestern Seminary, “How does understanding the gospel of the “Kingdom” influence Christian ministry today?”

Nov 23

The Apostle’s Creed: Humble Beginnings and the Rule of Faith by Adriel Sanchez

The foundational doctrines taught to new converts centered on Christ, repentance, faith toward God, instruction about washings, the laying on of hands, the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting.

Nov 2

The Chalcedonian Definition: Christ’s Two Natures by Donald Fairburn

A creed, properly speaking, is not a statement of what Christians believe about our faith. (That would be a “confession.”) Instead, a creed is a pledge of allegiance to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Oct 12

The Christian Creeds: An Introduction by Rhyne Putnam

From the very beginning, creeds and creedal formulations have played a crucial role in the beliefs and practices of Christian churches. Some Christians (usually in free church traditions) deny the creeds any authority in teaching or value in worship. But this rejection of tradition usually stems from a misunderstanding of the function of the creeds […]

Sep 28

Celebrating the Beauty of Complementarity in Corporate Worship by Sam Parkison

Here’s one way that our church seeks to celebrate the beauty of gender complementarity during our corporate worship gatherings.

Sep 21

Ten Truths About a Liar by Sam Bierig

Is Satan capable of inception? Does he whisper temptations in our ear? Is Satan’s authority, power, and relationship to unbelievers the same or different from Christians? These are all valid and, frankly, somewhat haunting questions. I am not left emotionally unmoved by the many destroyed marriages and ministries around me Satan has devoured. I trust […]

Aug 28

The Apostle’s Creed: Humble Beginnings and the Rule of Faith by Adriel Sanchez

The Apostles’ Creed is a summary confession of vital Christian doctrines used liturgically throughout the Western church.

Aug 23

The Gifts of This Age Point Us to the Age Still to Come by Jared C. Wilson

Jesus tells us that gifts like marriage are meant for this age to point us to the reality of the age to come.

Aug 11

Episode 130: Matthew Barrett on the Simple Trinity by Jared C. Wilson and Matthew Barrett

On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared Wilson sits down with MBTS colleague Dr. Matthew Barrett to talk about the importance of Trinitarian theology for pastoral ministry, the orthodoxy of simplicity, what’s up with the EFS debate, and more.

Aug 10

The Force, the Spirit, and Romans 8 by Drake Burrows

I’ve got a confession: I often view the Holy Spirit as nothing but a useful tool. This thought dawned on me as my wife and I sat down to watch through the Star Wars Saga (wife’s first time, my second). The Force Anyone who knows anything about Star Wars has likely encountered talk of the […]