Psalm 23:6: Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

David is not rushing to get home, but by the way he ends this Psalm, it abecomes apparent that he realizes the ultimate experience lies beyond this world. God’s ultimate provision, God’s ultimate satisfaction will not be experienced until David dwells securely in the presence of the almighty eternally.

In other words, he proclaims that the glories of this earth cannot compare with the gates of glory. Despite all his confidence in God’s providential care in this life, David’s ultimate desire is to dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

As we work on this perspective, two important thoughts need to be highlighted:

1. The world is insufficient.

The best this world offers is incomplete. This world does not satisfy. The world is not sufficient. Something better is needed and something better awaits.

Much of the pain and misery, much of the disappointment and emptiness we experience seems to come from the looking to gain from this world what can only be gain in the world to come.

We want eternal comfort now, but we are not yet home.

2. God has a place for all his sheep.

David is picking up on the idea that there is an eternal home in which David, along with all of God’s sheep, will enjoy peacefully dwelling in the presence of the Most High forever.

Notice here that we will not experience the fullness of God refreshment until heaven. It is there that God’s path of righteousness ultimately leads. That’s why the Psalmist ends with a declaration concerning the house of the Lord, which is his dwelling place in heaven.

Just think. For the believer in Christ, for us who have trusted in Christ’s death and resurrection as the payment for our sin penalty, we have an eternal home where we can dwell securely in the presence of God forever.

* No more sneezing, because no allergies there

* No more debt

* No more speeding tickets

* No more indigestion

* No more back pain

* No more dialysis

* No more chemotherapy

* No more anxiety

* No more temptation

* No more cooking burns

* No more orphans

* No more AIDS

* No more hunger

* No more kidnappings or murder

* No more road rage

* No more oil spills

* No more lonely nights

* No more hectic mornings

* No more regret the morning after

* No more guilt

* No more relationship conflict (broken engagements, angry in-laws, upset spouse)

David is thus ending his beautiful song reminding us that the glories of this world cannot compare with the gates of glory. I hope to see you there.