Oh, the gravity of Romans 8:31-39!

If none of what's listed—and everything is listed!—can separate us from him, Christ must be the master of all it. He must be Lord over life and death and heaven and hell, sovereign Lord over all planets and molecules, galaxies and atoms, universes and particles.

This means that:

When distressed by sickness, despair, depression, the painful words of friends, the hurtful words of a spouse or a child or a parent

when threatened by instability at work or in your home

when afraid of the future

when stressed out and anxious

when unsure and hyper-cautious

when laid low and beaten down

when nervous and frightened

when gossiped about and lied about and stabbed in the back

when feeling unforgiven and feeling hated and feeling used and thrown aside and pushed to the margins

when feeling taken advantage of or ignored or misunderstood or squashed

when tormented by your past and the sins you can't shake

when dealing with addictions and destructive behaviors

when tempted by cheap pretenders to God's throne

when lured away from the path

when you've fallen and when you've struggled and when you're in too deep

in the midst of violence, persecution, oppression, feeling stranded and lonely,

in a flood or a fire or a zombie apocalypse,

your God reigns, and he reigns in you!

You can know and say that nothing can condemn you so long as you are in Christ Jesus—that in fact, if you are in Christ, you are as secure as Christ is.

So even when the accuser comes and throws your sins at you, they should flame up and fizzle out like crumbly meteors entering the atmosphere of Christ's righteousness, and you can curse that devil and remind him that you are in tight with the boss of his existence, with the boss of very existence itself.