Join the New England Study Tour This May!

by Staff February 22, 2017

Deadline to Register is February 18th

Join Jared Wilson, Owen Strachan, Jason Duesing and more for Midwestern Seminary’s New England Study Tour this spring, May 13th-20th.

The New England region is home to a challenging culture with a rich heritage, and you will get to travel its storied roads alongside professors and fellow students to get an up-close meeting with this American mission field. We’ll walk where Edwards and Whitefield walked, visit everywhere from Yale to Harvard and coastal Maine to rural Vermont, meet with local pastors and church planters, and even enjoy some local eateries and coffee.

Why should you go?:

  • to get a firsthand encounter with NE history
  • to see the current gospel work in NE
  • to learn more about the distinctive theology that shaped NE
  • to see where the American missions movement began
  • to grow closer as a group and enjoy fellowship together

Tour stops:

Harvard, Yale (JE archives—see actual “Sinners” sermon), Northampton (Edwards & Brainerd), Plymouth, Malden MA (Judson), Burlington VT (NETS), Portland ME, Boston, Providence (Brown & FBC), West Brookfield, MA (Whitefield Rock), and more.

Cost: $1900 – $2500 (dependent upon rooming options and classes taken)
*$400 deposit due February 18th. Deposit will go towards final cost.

The trip can fulfill up to (2) of the following classes:

Spurgeon College

HT104 – The Church
HT113 – Church History II
MN231 – Leadership Practicum
GS350 – Church History Study Tour


HT3110 – Baptist History
HT – Church History II
MN5468 – Leadership Practicum
HT3148 – Church History Study Tour


DR39011 Directed Study (DMin)
DR39011 Directed Study (PhD)

For all those interested in attending this trip, please contact Mike Brooks at [email protected] to pay your deposit or to inform him of what class(es) you will be taking.

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