Links For The Church (7/09)

by Staff July 9, 2018

Balancing Love and Honesty as a Leader of Leaders

Ed Stetzer writes about how a pastor should relate to the other leaders in his church. He explains how various things affect good communication and how to speak the truth, but without withholding love. 

How Bonhoeffer Used Spiritual Disciplines to Prepare for Public Action

Dietrich Bonhoeffer's private spiritual life was not one of separation from the world, but one that rooted him in the truth to combat the evils of his world. 

When God Isn't There

"Even the fullest joys we experience now in his absence — in pursuing, expecting, wanting, inquiring, and wondering — are but an appetizer to the never-ending feast of revelation we will receive when his full presence comes." -David Bowden

How (Not) to Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

Thom Schreiner writes that we can best understand our spiritual gifts in community. He encourages us that we do not need to fret if we don't know our gifts – they will be revealed in time.