A Collection of Mother’s Day Blessings

by Marc Goodwin May 6, 2021

One of the highlights of my week as a pastor is speaking the words of the Aaronic blessing (Numbers 6:24-26) over my fellow church members at the conclusion of our worship gathering. As I speak those words of God’s favor, I can see peace, encouragement, and hope on the faces of our congregation.

What follows are blessings of a different category; they are not the inspired words of God. They are my own. But as a brother in Christ, on this Mother’s Day, my hope is that they can be used by God to “lift the countenance” of my sisters in the Lord who find themselves in various stations and situations of life.

For the Expectant Mother: May the miracle of the life that has begun within you deepen your sense of awe and wonder before God. May the love that you feel for your child well before its birth remind you that our Heavenly Father loved you before you existed at all.

For the New Mother: May the Lord use your infant’s absolute dependence on you to remind you of your absolute dependence upon Him. And may your sacrificial service of your baby point you to our Savior who selflessly and sacrificially laid down His life for your sake.

For the Single Mother: May the Lord remind you that you are never truly alone in your parenting. May the Spirit who lives within you give you a double portion of wisdom and grace toward your children, and may our Heavenly Father provide your children with spiritual fathers in the church.

For the Bereaved Mother: May the “God of all comfort” comfort you today. In your grief and sorrow, may you draw near to our Heavenly Father, who knows the pain of seeing a child die, but who also has the power to make your child rise again one day.

For the Weary Mother: As your responsibilities mount and your energy wains, may the Lord remind you that He does not tire or sleep. May your limitations and weaknesses not embarrass or frustrate you, but press you to prayer and become an opportunity for Christ’s strength to be displayed.

For the Waiting Mother: May the Lord sustain your faith in the midst of your waiting. As you cry out to Him and long for the good gift of children, may God give you grace to trust Him. And even as you long to hold a child of your own in your arms, may you remember that God holds you in His.

For the Heartbroken Mother: May you recall that the same God who gave your child physical life can give spiritual life as well. May you not lose heart in praying for them and calling them back to the gospel you’ve taught them since their youth.

For the Regretful Mother: May the Lord remind you that your children need a model of confession and repentance, not of perfection. Only one can provide that, and it’s not you. May you rejoice today that your sins are forgiven in Christ, and that our God can redeem what’s been broken and restore what’s been squandered.

For the Empty Nest Mother: May the Lord remind you that your children are not keepsakes to hold onto, but arrows to shoot out into the world. Yet as you miss the daily responsibilities of mothering, may you take your children before God’s throne now more than ever, and may you find spiritual children in whom you can invest.

For the Grandmother: May you revel in God’s kindness to allow you see another generation rise up. May He give you a grand vision for these young ones—teaching you to serve them more than you spoil them, helping you to delight more in teaching them truth than in giving them toys.

For the Elderly Mother: May those around you see your gray hair as a crown of wisdom and your wrinkles as evidence of maturity and experience that should be respected. As you draw nearer to the end of your earthly race, may you delight to remember that being a mother is a long, but temporary assignment; being a daughter of God is an eternal one. May the Lord give you strength to press on until you enter glory!