I am fairly tech-savvy, but I'll be honest. I'm not a fan of texting. I do it, of course. It's become a common means to communicate for certain things, so I'm on it. But I don't have to like it. However, texting began to look different to me as my good friend, Matthew Molesky, started sending me what I call "sabbath texts."

Matthew is the Sr. Pastor of Calvary Community Church, a large church in St. Cloud, MN. He is a very busy man. But he is a also a man of prayer. I find that often these two things do not coexists well together. I have never had to ask him to, but he is steadfast in praying for me in many ways. Recently he even prayed for me while I was preaching several sessions at a retreat over a few days. He prayed through each of my 40 minute sermons as they happened. He's a prayer beast. And then there are his sabbath texts.

Typically on Sunday morning, sometimes on Saturday evening, Matthew sends me a text that is a prayer for the both of us as we are getting ready to preach the word. I know many people pray for me, my ministry, and even my preaching on Sunday mornings. But to get the prayer itself, delivered to my phone, has proved to be a great encouragement to me. They have been such an encouragement to me I thought I would share just a few of them with you.

Sat, Jan. 4, 9:18PM

Brother –

It is my prayer tonight, that as we head toward bed, we would rest secure, and sleep peacefully, knowing that the work to be done in the pulpit in the morning is His, and His alone.

Fear not, for he is with us,

Do not be dismayed, for he is our God;

he will help us, he will strengthen us, he will uphold us with his righteous right hand.

Your partner and brother and friend,

I love ya man,


Sun, Jan. 19, 6:26AM

Brother, as we preach this morning, we shall put our boot on the throat of the serpent. So, may you preach in the power of the Spirit, and put a dent in the kingdom of darkness as you proclaim the glorious beauties of the kingdom of the Son. The grace of our Father be with you today my friend.

Much love.


Sun, Feb. 16, 6:35AM

May Yahweh our God be with us this morning, as he has been with our ancestors, and may he never leave us or abandon us. May he strengthen us as we preach his decrees and his good news to his people, and those who are not yet his people. May it be, that because of our labors today and in this life, people all over the earth will know that Yahweh alone is God and there is no other!

My dear brother, may we be completely faithful to Yahweh our God this day. He is with us. He will do it!


Love you man.

My friend has been a great example to me in all of this. We are busy, but never too busy to pray. He has encouraged me to pray more, and more fervently, for other pastors and preachers and churches on Sunday mornings. He has also shown me the value of letting people know you are praying for them. Perhaps you could be a Matthew to a few people in your life. I can tell you from experience it will greatly strengthen them and move them to pray as well.

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