To Assume the Gospel is to Lose Grip of It

by Staff March 30, 2015

From "How to Preach the Gospel from Every Part of the Bible" by Fred Zaspel:

"Let us remember at all times to keep the gospel prominent and explicit. Far too many "expository" sermons go week after week without any real gospel proclamation. It's "out there" somewhere in the atmosphere—- from the hymns we sing, perhaps. But it is seldom prominent in the preaching. It is assumed, perhaps, but not explicit. But if we only assume it in our preaching, we have no ground to think that our hearers will assume it also. And, as Warfield so insightfully cautions us, to leave the gospel in the shadows is to let Christianity itself slip from our grasp. To preach the Scriptures rightly we must be careful to maintain its own redemptive focus, a focus that rivets our attention, from first to last, on our glorious Redeemer.

"He is, after all, the one about whom the book was written."

Only let us hold true to what we have attained.—Philippians 3:16