Why People Leave Big Churches

by Darrin Patrick August 5, 2015

People are often drawn to big churches because of the preacher. But they stay with the church for the long-haul because of the mission.

People that have not embraced the mission will start heading to the exit when the church’s growth starts to outpace its delivery of care.

Wanting care is legitimate, but often the way in which that is expressed is illegitimate. Instead of approaching the leaders, they will sit back with their arms crossed complaining about how “the church” is failing.

People that have embraced the mission look at the issue as an opportunity. They don’t just come to the leaders, they take the next step in their leadership. They don’t demand more and more out of the church, they become the church.

Everyone can answer this question: “Where do you see the need for improved care?”

Only leaders ask this one: “What am I going to do about it?”