Why We Sent Our Daughters To Hard Places

by Michael Lewis August 5, 2019

"People around me have daily access to the Gospel, I want to go where no one has the love of Jesus. After fasting and praying, I sensed I needed to skip my senior year of High School, graduate early, and go through Fusion.” These were the words of our 17-year-old daughter. Her biggest concern was for those who have not heard of the love of Jesus. The question remained, "Would she receive our support?" We taught our children and congregation about missions and the need for the gospel to be heard around the world. It was time to put into practice what we believe and what we taught, and to release our own daughter to go. Through yieldedness and surrender, we placed her in the Lord’s hands; it was not easy; lots of tears were shed and fervent intercession was made. 

Faith entered training and preparation through the Fusion Program in the fall of 2012. My wife and I did not know what to expect. By the grace of God, our daughter Faith excelled in the training and was equipped in many facets. In her first semester, she received training in studying God’s Word, discipleship, and evangelism. The first two weeks she went through training where she experienced the faithfulness of God in difficult circumstances. Fusion also equipped Faith in wilderness survival, first aid, security in traveling, teamwork, and in learning a new language. In the second semester, her team was assigned to unreached people groups in South Asia, where they engaged women through training and a Great Commission strategy. We were challenged to allow our 17-year-old to be sent to one of the hardest places on the globe. The IMB was able to take a red dot off the board that was considered an unreached people group because Faith’s team shared the gospel to a village that received it and continued multiplying disciples. As Faith answered the call, we as parents answered the call to send our precious daughter to a difficult assignment. The Lord blessed Faith’s team with a fruitful outcome and preparation for a lifetime calling of carrying the gospel to unengaged peoples.

Hope, our youngest daughter sensed the Spirit’s calling to the Fusion program for the 2017-18 year. Hope’s team was sent out to the mountain trails of Asia to reach people who had no access to the gospel. Hope’s calling again called us as her parents to yieldedness,  surrendering our hearts to place her in God’s hands. The Lord used her team in amazing ways to make the fame of His name known. She is now prepared to take the gospel as a patriot in American politics.

The Fusion training at Spurgeon College has been an empowering and equipping process for two of our daughters to be Great Commission leaders. As my wife and I reflect on our daughters’ participation in Fusion, gratitude wells up in our hearts to God for the difficult journeys they experienced that have grown our faith and confidence in the Lord and His calling as a family. We have no regrets, for we believe that sending our daughters to share the gospel to the nations is worth our discomfort and absolute surrender of our beloved daughters to do His perfect will. Faith and Hope are daily engaged in going and making disciples. That is our Savior’s command; there is no greater joy. We are grateful for the training they received through the Fusion process.

Editor's Note: To learn more about the Fusion program at Spurgeon College at Midwestern Seminary, click here