Resources by Theme: Pastoral

Sep 18

The 9th Thing God Tells Us Not To Do

On Getting Our Tongues Straightened Out

When we find Christ supremely valuable and fulfilling, the desire to cut our neighbor down disappears.

Sep 14

A Pastoral Lesson from a Generous Widow by H.B. Charles, Jr.

These lessons have taught me to not put a price-tag on my ministry.

Sep 13

There Are Souls to Be Saved: How Can We Rest? by David Murray

The theological root of so much burnout is a failure to believe in the sovereignty of God. 

Sep 11

3 Ways The Trinity Affects My Singleness by Jeanie Layne

When I am tempted to bemoan gifts I feel the Lord has withheld, the Godhood of each person of the Trinity helps me to see God’s gifts correctly. 

Sep 8

The First Step of Sermon Prep by Jonathon Woodyard

Preaching flows from the heart of a man who has seen great things in the Bible, has savored what he has seen, and stands before a people to tell them what he saw

Sep 7

Pastor, Be a Gospel Signpost by Travis Montgomery

If a pastor, as a signpost, points to the revealed theological realities of God, he must point supremely to the heart of that revelation: the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sep 6

Rethinking the Worship Team by Daniel Ross

Ultimately, glorifying God through our songs should be our highest priority.

Sep 5

New Release: Portraits of a Pastor

New Book from Jason K. Allen

Releasing today, Portraits of a Pastor -- edited by Jason K. Allen and featuring numerous great contributors -- is the latest entry in the FTC imprint with Moody Publishers.

Aug 31

The Church, Politics, and Bonhoeffer's Way Forward - Part 3

Start at the Bottom and Work Your Way Lower

We prefer power. But oh, to find the beauty of service good again!

Aug 30

The Church, Politics, and Bonhoeffer's Way Forward - Part 2

The Kingdom Maker

The goal is not for Christians to seize power through political maneuvering, but it is instead for Christians to model how the Kingdom of God subverts and redeems power.

Aug 30

On Hard Work, Prayer, and Grace by Jim Essian

Jesus’ sinlessness and corresponding righteousness mean he never wasted a second in disobedience outside of God’s decreed will. 

Aug 30

Shepherd the Room by Dustin Rouse

Sometimes shepherding the room is simply getting out of the way so that the real Shepherd can do His work.

Aug 29

The Church, Politics, and Bonhoeffer's Way Forward - Part 1

The Primacy of Prophecy

Each king must have a prophet.

Aug 28

What We Talk Like When We Talk About God by Jared C. Wilson

"The Lord is in his holy temple; let all the earth blog about how cool he is with, you know, whatever your deal is, man."

Aug 25

How Can I Forgive Myself? by H.B. Charles, Jr.

If I need to forgive myself, it suggests that I am the God that I have offended and need to appease. 

Aug 24

Pastor, How Will You Last? by Jeremy Rose

Pastor, don’t over-shepherd your church at the expense of under-shepherding your heart, the heart of your wife, and the hearts of your children.

Aug 23

Trevin Wax on Why Christians Should Care About Pop Culture

Series: Conversations

Is it important to pay attention to cultural narratives?

Aug 23

Early Discoveries of a Young Pastor by Sam Parkison

We will be crushed under the weight of ministry if we forget that Christ's church is Christ's.

Aug 23

Intervention: What the Church Can Learn About Discipline from a TV Show by Rustin Umstattd

One difficulty in our churches in regards to discipline is that we often don’t have this type of authentic community with each other.

Aug 21

The Solar Eclipse and Repentance in Biblical Theology by Todd Chipman

The sad irony of August 21, 2017, is that what many will celebrate today, even with decadence, signals God’s wrath upon human idolatry. 

Aug 21

Showing and Growing: 10 Practical Steps for Community by Adam McClendon

If the average church member would seek to live out these principles, they would find deeper relationships and have a much richer sense of purpose.

Aug 18

Grow Your Own Leaders by Adam D. Swift

Pastors and ministerial leaders are shaped and fashioned only in the context of a local church, and nowhere else. 

Aug 16

Sunday is End-Times Warfare by Peyton Hill

We don’t need a Left Behind novel to tell us where we stand in the context of redemptive history. 

Aug 11

Worship as a Feast by Dustin Rouse

We want to set a table that entices our people to sit down and dig in.

Aug 11

The Canon of Scripture: Why It Is Trustworthy and True by Kaitlyn Wright

We don’t need new or flashy words from God when we have His Word solidified for us. 

Aug 10

The Weight of Pastoral Glory by Steve Bezner

The point of pastoring, I think, is to take people who think they can rescue the world, and remind them that the burden is too heavy for them to carry alone.

Aug 10

Should I Have Started My PhD Instead of Becoming a Pastor? by Danny Slavich

Had I chosen a different road, I could have another diploma and an impressive honorific on my name. Instead, I’ve got scars and stories and schooling in a degree program only accredited in heaven.

Aug 8

The Pulpit Call by Zach Barnhart

My question is, even though we may be gospel-centered, are we still asking people to come to Christ?

Aug 8

Brothers, We Are Not Amateurs

A Plea for Ministry Preparation

God may well use you in spite of a lack of formal training, but if you have accessibility to theological education, why find out?

Aug 4

Preaching Under Pressure by H.B. Charles, Jr.

Unending sunshine creates shallow pulpits.

Aug 2

Plowing Through Addiction: The ABC's of Victory by Adam McClendon

These aren’t means carried out on our own strength or wisdom, but these are actions committed in surrender to the Lord in acknowledgment of the ordinary system that he has created within this world. 

Aug 2

Discerning Your Child's Spiritual State by Mike Phay

Parents should take comfort in the fact that the primary work of salvation in a child’s heart is the work of God.

Aug 2

Bill Nye and the Goodness of Children by Owen Strachan

We cannot miss that what Bill Nye and his panel see as a cancer the Scripture sees as a blessing.

Jul 31

3 Ways the Gospel Might Divide a Church by Jared C. Wilson

A curious thing happens when a church and its shepherds are committed to this radical notion of gospel-centrality.

Jul 28

Shadows of Hell: Fear and Emptiness Before Death by Jim Elliff

How often have men and women entered “outer darkness” after pretending a life of faith in Christ?

Jul 28

The Pulpit and the Cliff by Luke Holmes

If you are privileged enough to proclaim God’s word in front of the church and don’t feel the weight of it, then you don’t understand what God has called you to do. 

Jul 27

The Pastor as a Church Member by Jared Sparks

Pastor, I want to invite you into this kind of existence. Jesus is the savior of the sheep, not you. Shepherd your people well by letting them shepherd you.

Jul 25

Two Views a Pastor Must Have by Casey Lewis

The man called to leadership within the church must see himself as overseeer and view his calling as a high calling that requires sacrifice and passion for the task.

Jul 25

The Importance of Kingdom-Focused Student Ministry by Mike Leake

I’m convinced that, instead of focusing on keeping students, a truly kingdom-focused church will be passionate about sending students.

Jul 24

When Serving The Local Church Isn't Fun by Bethany Mathis

No matter where you serve within in your church, it will require sacrifice. 

Jul 21

5 Ways to Encourage Your Pastor While Pursuing Ministry by Steven Leatherbury

The more we encourage our pastor through prayer the more we will realize our own need in the ministry God would have for us.  

Jul 21

Why We Sing With The Lights On by Ronni Kurtz

I fear that in our attempt to eliminate distractions we’ve also eliminated the corporate reality of worship.

Jul 20

A Pastor's Character Over His Competence by Chris Thomas

Give me a godly man with an average gift over the orator of the ages, whose character hasn’t been shaped by the gospel.

Jul 19

How Do You Respond When Corrected? by Steve Burchett

Scripture isn’t always meant to comfort us. Sometimes it addresses us in our pride, when we think incorrectly, or when we behave sinfully.

Jul 18

Pray for Forgetfulness by Brandon Freeman

To be free from self-reflection and consumed with the glory of the preaching moment is a gift of God.

Jul 17

The Bible is Better Than Google by Margaret Bronson

Because of His perfection, we know that what He says is reliably true. 

Jul 14

How Can Pastors Have a “Gospel-Centered” Ministry? by Owen Strachan

For the glory of God, the pastor labors to make the message of Christ’s finished work known to needy, hell-bound sinners.

Jul 13

Remember the Sabbath: Part 4 by Mike Ayers

The Sabbath separates us from the notion that the world can’t survive without us.