Resources by Theme: Pastoral

May 25

Too Big Not To Fail by Jared C. Wilson

We think bigness is the way. We think bigness solves lots of problems. We think bigness is safety. We think we can get too big to fail. But it's the other way around.

May 22

Jeff Medders on Church Planting by J.A. Medders

Series: Conversations

What is the one thing you wish you'd done different as a church planter?

May 20

Episode 084: Identifying Elder Candidates

For the Church Podcast

A Resource for the Church from Midwestern Seminary

On this episode of the For The Church Podcast, Jared Wilson and Ronni Kurtz discuss what to look for in assessing and training men for eldership in your local church.

May 20

Leaders and Loneliness by Scott Sauls

I know that many pastors say it’s impossible to let your guard down with the members of your church. 

May 15

Trillia Newbell on Children and Idolatry by Trillia Newbell

Series: Conversations

How do we love our kids without making them into idols?

May 13

When Preaching Is Big & God Is Small by Dave Harvey

Fear is a powerful experience and Scripture speaks to it in beautiful and comforting ways.

May 11

Critique Gently, Encourage Fiercely by Scott Sauls

We aren’t lonely because something is wrong with us. We are lonely because something is right with us.

May 7

The Missing Link in Pastoral Ministry by Harold Senkbeil

Whatever we do in service of the gospel is of one piece with those who have gone before us in the holy calling to serve as shepherds in Christ’s flock.

May 6

3 Ways the Holy Spirit Helped Spurgeon Preach by Neal Thornton

The preaching task is made effective only by a spiritual means – the attention and anointing of the Holy Spirit. 

May 6

Pastoral Shame and Stewardship During a Pandemic by Rusty McKie

COVID-19 may have shut up the doors of our homes, but no pandemic can shut the ears of our Father.

May 1

Matt Capps on What A Church Needs From Its Pastor by Matt Capps

Series: Conversations

What is the one thing a church needs from its pastor?

Apr 24

Mark Dever on Sermon Prep by Mark Dever

Series: Conversations

What does your sermon preparation look like?

Apr 17

Dean Inserra On Pastors Preventing Moral Failing by Dean Inserra

Series: Conversations

How can a pastor protect his family, his church, and himself from moral failing?

Apr 15

Has God Gifted You to Preach and Teach His Word? by Jason K. Allen

Preaching is God’s divinely ordained means of communicating His Word, nourishing His church, and redeeming a people for Himself. 

Apr 15

Episode 081: FTC Mailbag

For the Church Podcast

A Resource for the Church from Midwestern Seminary

On this latest installment of the Mailbag feature of the FTC Podcast, Jared Wilson and Ronni Kurtz answer a new round of listener-submitted questions.

Apr 14

Immutability and Pastoral Ministry by Matthew Claridge

Christ makes all the theological abstractions concrete; he brings all the prodigal speculations back home.

Apr 13

Don’t Try To Put Out Every Brush Fire by H.B. Charles, Jr.

Wisdom is knowing when to speak and when to hold your peace, when to move and when to keep still.

Apr 8

Charging the Gates of Hell When You Can Barely Move by Danny Slavich

The land of exile is the locus of theological formation. 

Apr 6

COVID-19 and Family Discipleship by Jonas Larkin

What happens when these groups and programs aren’t gathering?

Apr 3

Dean Inserra on Church Faithfulness by Dean Inserra

Series: Conversations

How can a church know it's on the right track? What are some signs of faithfulness?

Mar 27

Should We Take Communion Virtually? by Drake Osborn

This is a community meal, signified by the corporate nature of the covenant that we are remembering and taking part in.

Mar 27

Biblical Principles for Ethnic Harmony by H.B. Charles, Jr.

Racism refuses to acknowledge the equality and dignity or your neighbor, much less love them as you love yourself. 

Mar 27

Clint Pressley On Leading Big Change by Clint Pressley

Series: Conversations

How do you lead big change in a church without blowing it up?

Mar 26

Don Whitney on Family Devotions by Staff

Series: Conversations

How do you encourage a young family struggling with family devotions?

Mar 25

Power Over Life and Death: An Encouragement from the Old Testament in the Age of Coronavirus by Lance Higginbotham

We are not created to die, so reminders of human frailty do not come easily to most of us. 

Mar 23

3 Realities A Self-Help Article Will Never Tell You About Losing Weight by Lauren Graham

Nothing special happened about my life’s purpose and mission as a result of losing the weight that I lost. 

Mar 20

Jeff Medders on Writing Sermons by J.A. Medders

Series: Conversations

How do you write sermons? Describe your sermon preparation process.

Mar 18

10 Gifts I Pray God Gives The Church Through The Coronavirus by Orion Berridge

May God cause something mighty and special to happen when the church, across the entire world, returns to corporate worship. 

Mar 17

Ronni Kurtz on Why Pastors Should Care About Systematic Theology by Ronni Kurtz

Series: Conversations

We ask our Managing Editor, Ronni Kurtz, "Why should pastors care about Systematic Theology?"

Mar 16

Our Pandemically Poor Ecclesiology

What the Coronavirus Deliberations Reveal About Our View of Church

Whether you meet or don't meet, do all things to the glory of God.

Mar 13

You’re Not a Bad Pastor If You Cancel Services Over COVID-19 by Ronnie Martin

Four helpful perspectives to remember when making the decision to cancel worship services due to the spread of the Coronavirus. 

Mar 13

J. T. English on Large Churches and Ministry Training by J.T. English

Series: Conversations

How can large churches provide effective ministry training?

Mar 12

From Associate Pastor to Senior Pastor (In the Same Church) by Jason Helopoulos

A few challenges and helpful advice for an Associate Pastor becoming the Senior Pastor in the same church he has been serving for years.

Mar 11

Acts 15, Infanticide, and Using the Bible in Ethics by J. Alan Branch

The Bible gives us the necessary worldview and the essential principles needed for thinking through these issues with the right perspective. 

Mar 11

Missionary, Please Don’t Dread Support Raising by Michelle Dein

The Holy Spirit creates the desire in hearts and helps believers respond to God’s generosity and grace with offerings back to Him.

Mar 11

More Than Marriage: What’s Behind Polyamory In the Church by Katie McCoy

The presence of polyamory among professing believers is yet another manifestation of a culturally accommodating Christianity that seeks to worship the Lord on its own terms.

Mar 5

Won Kwak on Advice for the Pastor Who Wants to Quit by Won S. Kwak

Series: Conversations asks Won Kwak, pastor at Maranatha Grace Church in Fort Lee, New Jersey: "What do you say to the pastor who's tired and wants to quit?"

Mar 4

Hope for Busted Up Sinners Like Me by Scott Sauls

He will not merely help us turn over a new leaf; he will actually give us a new life.

Feb 24

Church Song Is Corporate Preaching by Eric Schumacher

Don't pit singing and the sermon against each other.

Feb 21

Why I’d Go to Church If I Were Not a Pastor by H.B. Charles, Jr.

You may not like the way the bride of Christ looks. But be careful how you treat Christ’s bride. 

Feb 21

Clint Pressley on Training Men for Ministry by Clint Pressley

Series: Conversations

What are some important components in training men for ministry?

Feb 19

The Most Important Discipline I Learned in Seminary by Jason G. Duesing

Though freed from the penalty of sin by the blood of Christ, my struggle with and the remaining presence of even “canceled sin” was bigger and deeper than I knew.

Feb 17

The Passage that Called Me to Ministry

3 Enduring Lessons from Exodus 3

I want to persevere in ministry purely at the mercy of the sovereign God who is with me.

Feb 17

I Am A Pastor, Therefore I Fear by Ronnie Martin

God’s purpose is always for your worry to be transformed into worship. 

Feb 14

Don Whitney On The Christian's Devotional Life by Staff

Series: Conversations

What is the one thing you would do to change the Christian’s devotional life?

Feb 13

Three Ways a Pastor and His Wife Can Stay in Love by Tim Counts

When I am closer to Jesus, I am closer to my wife. I mean truly closer to Jesus, in my heart, not just thinking I am closer because I am doing the right things.

Feb 12

A Burdened Life: Three Questions for Those in Sorrow by Samuel Stephens

Self-sufficient living brings disastrous results. 

Feb 10

Looking For a Church? Here’s What to Look For by Jim Elliff

Though there are many things a particular church may not be able to do well, love is not one of them.