Resources by Theme: Pastoral

Nov 24

A Revival Of The Public Reading of Scripture by Steve Burchett

God’s word has been read publically, even at length, throughout salvation history.

Nov 22

A Call for Patient Evangelism by Caleb Greggsen

Do you find yourself chasing after silver-bullet plans to bring people into your doors? 

Nov 22

3 Challenges to Creating a Gospel Culture in your Family by Michael Kelley

Can we ingrain the gospel so much in the way that we talk, think, discipline our children, or converse around the dinner table, that it’s part of our very fabric of living, and not just an occasional topic of conversation?

Nov 21

When Going Through the Motions is Not Enough by Mike Leake

The devil doesn’t care one bit about preventing us from doing works for the Lord; he cares about preventing belief and trust in our union with Christ. 

Nov 21

Russell Moore on Pastors Thinking About Culture asks Russell Moore, President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, "What would you say to the pastor who says thinking about 'culture' is a waste of time?"

Nov 20

God Can't Save My Child by Kole Farney

Confidence must never rest upon the situation, but upon the Savior Himself.

Nov 17

Who Are the Evangelicals? by Jonathon Woodyard

The church, tangibly expressed in local congregations, seeks the joy of all peoples and the fame of the name through the proclamation of the gospel and in loving service to their neighbors.

Nov 16

The Pronouns Preach

Lessons on the Glory of the Church

Paul’s letter to the Ephesians assumes their great diversity, which comes to us in the form of his use of pronouns.

Nov 15

Where are the Men in the Church? by Jonathan Hayashi

If we want a strong church, we cannot assume men magically show up.

Nov 14

3 Reasons to Regularly Let Others Preach by J.A. Medders

We are not our preaching. We are not our sermons. We are disciples before we are pastors.

Nov 10

Pastor: You Are Appreciated by K.V. Paxton

We know He gives the growth and thus gets the glory, but He does see you, and He will reward you.

Nov 10

A Generation Integration Invitation by Brandon Keel

If generational reconciliation is a manifestation of the gospel's power, church ministries should be built on a much firmer foundation than the convenience of age-segregation alone. 

Nov 8

Don’t Speak Up: On the Spiritual Discipline of Silence by Mark Dever

We should pray that God will lead us by his Spirit to know when it’s best to be quiet, to pray, and to live a life that commends the gospel, and when it’s best to add more of our own words.

Nov 7

The Trap of Young Adulthood by Cole Deike

Lord, have mercy if our churches are borrowing strategies from the cult of “the next thing.”

Nov 3

Doctrine is for Joy by Owen Strachan

The truth of God is a gateway to paradise. 

Nov 3

How Can Christians Engage in Politics Without Becoming Engaged in Idolatry? by Daniel Darling

Series: Conversations

We asked Daniel Darling, Vice President for Communications at the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, "How can Christians engage in politics without becoming engaged in idolatry?"

Nov 1

Your Pastor Is Not An Afterthought by Katelyn Milligan

Why is it, though, that many church members don’t think their pastor amounts to much outside the church walls? 

Oct 30

8 Contrasting Signs of an Insecure Leader by Jared C. Wilson

What are the signs of an insecure leader? And how do we normalize our leadership away from extremes?

Oct 30

The Three Essentials For Every Pastor's Toolbox by Chad Ashby

Week after week, I dedicate my time and attention to a specific portion of God's Word to feed Jesus's flock on Sunday morning. 

Oct 27

The Pastoral Duty of Letting People Down by Brian Sauve

I want a pastor who will stop slathering fresh layers of bitumen on his egomaniacal Babel and believe instead that his hope isn’t in being well-liked.

Oct 27

Love People More Than Your Country by Joel Littlefield

In light of the bigger picture of the Gospel, whether someone stands, sits, or kneels is really no matter to a disciple of Jesus.

Oct 26

He Buried 200 Church Members by Erik Raymond

Pastors must believe and preach Jesus’s powerful death-defeating, wrath-guzzling triumph!

Oct 26

Weak Pastors Need a Strong Gospel by Travis Montgomery

What does it mean to be a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ? It is to behold the eternal, miraculous, courageous cross of Christ and, with unveiled face, be transformed.

Oct 25

Youth Pastor, Preach God’s Word by Ian Conrey

A shallow understanding of the gospel produces a shallow Christian.

Oct 25

The Unique Challenges of Being a Church Planting Wife by Christine Hoover

Our spiritual poverty teaches us to depend upon the true Grower and to wait on Him to do the growing in His time.

Oct 24

4 Lies That Cause Pastors to Neglect Their Families by Jaime Owens

At the front door of pastoral ministry, we find that if a pastor isn’t a family man, he’s not a churchman.

Oct 24

Noah Oldham on Pastors Throwing in the Towel by Noah Oldham asks Noah Oldham, "When are you most tempted to throw in the towel as a pastor?"

Oct 19

The Un-Millennial Church by Cole Deike

Maybe the best way to reach young adults, and by reach I really mean attract, transform, and equip, is to plant and lead un-millennial churches.

Oct 18

Joy at the Table by Daryl Crouch

When we pick up the bread and the tiny cup with our weak and calloused hands, we remember the nails that pierced our Savior’s hands and feet wounded him, but did not defeat him.

Oct 17

Won Kwak on Effectively Leading Multi-Ethnic Congregations by Won S. Kwak asks Won Kawk, "How can a pastor effectively lead a multi-ethnic congregation?"

Oct 13

Jesus Was A Disciple Maker, What About You? by Joel Littlefield

Placing your faith in Jesus, who saves, is to place your life in the hands of the One wants to use you as a witness for His glory.

Oct 11

Sanctification: Shaped Into Something Wonderful by Mallory Bierig

Our work to grow in Christ-likeness is an overflow from salvation and serves as fruit of salvation.

Oct 9

Like When Dylan Went Electric

Why You Need Courage for the Attractional-to-Gospel Transition

How this Sunday at your church could be like the 1965 Newport Folk Festival.

Oct 9

8 Reasons to Love Sound Doctrine by Kevin Halloran

Sound doctrine originates with God Himself and is uncorrupted and life-giving.

Oct 6

Rely on God’s Word, Not on Techniques by Andy Davis

The most significant force in the revitalization of any local church is the ongoing ministry of the Word of God Sunday after Sunday.

Oct 5

Faithful Believers and the Religious Test for Public Office

An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders from a Vermont Pastor

As a Vermont pastor, I ask my country for freedom to not only preach the gospel–but also for freedom for those I preach to–to hold their religious beliefs while also holding public office.

Oct 2

Too Big Not To Fail by Jared C. Wilson

We think bigness is the way. We think bigness solves lots of problems. We think bigness is safety. We think we can get too big to fail. But it's the other way around.

Oct 2

Less Lecture, More Learning: Ideas For A Better Sunday School Hour by Bryan Elliff

What if we all could get as much out of it as the teacher? What if we could all experience that process of learning together?

Sep 29

Making Beauty From Train Wrecks by Daniel Ross

Despite all the technical foibles, stuttering tongues, and holiday weekend lethargy, something powerful happened.

Sep 29

What Do Those Who Practice Legalism Fail to Recognize? by Casey Lewis

We are to see the good things we have not as hindrances to salvation or growth in Christ but as gifts God has given us.

Sep 27

Don’t Be a Do-Gooder: Pastoral Reflections on Goodness by Aaron Menikoff

For your works to be truly good, your heart has to be full of goodness.

Sep 27

What Is The Pastor To Be? by Jason K. Allen

The biblical expectations are high, and the nonbiblical ones held by many churches are higher still. 

Sep 26

The Minister's Gospel

An FTC17 Sermon

Series: 2017 For The Church National Conference

Matt Chandler's message on "The Minister's Gospel" delivered at the 2017 For The Church National Conference.

Sep 26

The Minister's Legacy

An FTC17 Sermon

Series: 2017 For The Church National Conference

Jared C. Wilson's message on "The Minister's Legacy" delivered at the 2017 For The Church National Conference.

Sep 26

The Minister's Mission

An FTC17 Sermon

Series: 2017 For The Church National Conference

Matt Carter's message on "The Minister's Mission" delivered at the 2017 For The Church National Conference.

Sep 26

The Minister's Study

An FTC17 Sermon

Series: 2017 For The Church National Conference

Owen Strachan's message on "The Minister's Study" delivered at the 2017 For The Church National Conference.

Sep 26

The Minister's Marriage

An FTC17 Sermon

Series: 2017 For The Church National Conference

Ray Ortlund, Jr.'s message on "The Minister's Marriage" delivered at the 2017 For The Church National Conference.