Nov 12

Won Kwak on Throwing In The Towel As A Pastor by Won S. Kwak

Series: Conversations

When are you most tempted to throw in the towel as a pastor?

Nov 11

4 Reasons for Pastors to Guard Their Hearts by Jason K. Allen

Ultimately, our hearts are most guarded when they are most satisfied in a person: Jesus Christ.

Nov 5

Pastors, Beware of Pride by Philip Crouse Jr

Pastor, pride is dangerous. You are gifted and blessed by God for His glory, not yours.

Oct 6

Redeeming Pastoral Ambition by Benjamin Vrbicek

If you want to change the world, have the ultimate side-hustle, and be a modern prince of preachers, then by the grace of God be a servant of all.

Sep 28

Building a Happy Ministry by Jared C. Wilson

None of these words of advice will ward off suffering. Pastors are broken people caring for broken people. But if joy is part of the fruit the Spirit promises to give Christians, we can identify the things we do have control over that only serve to stifle that joy.

Sep 18

Hope Deferred & The Pastor-In-Waiting by Dave Harvey

A potential pastor stands vulnerable, and he needs to know he is not alone.

Sep 18

Dean Inserra on Protecting from Moral Failing by Dean Inserra

How can a pastor protect his family, his church, and himself from moral failing?

Aug 5

Discouraged Pastors by Jim Elliff

There are plenty of pastors with generous smiles on their faces each Sunday who, deep down, are very disheartened. Pastoring a church is hard work. For one thing, it is usually thankless. I know there are some churches that seem to remember their pastors with such fanfare, but most do not ever esteem them. They […]

Aug 5

Pastoral Advice Worth Repeating: Walk With God (Part 1) by Jordan Wilbanks

When enough godly people say the same thing over and over, it’s best to pay attention.

Aug 4

How Can I Care for Fearful Church Members? by Jonathan Rourke

The familiar voice of a pastor can bring peace in times of trouble. Your consistent ministry of the Word and love for your people create a strong bond.