Dec 15

My Cup Overflows by H.B. Charles Jr.

Because of Christ, your cup is not empty. God pours favor into your cup. It is not just a sip. God fills our cups to the brim.

Nov 7

Preaching the Psalms to Ourselves by Dave Jenkins

The book of Psalms shows us not only how to do to right theology, but also how good theology should lead us to worship and right living before the Lord.

Jan 13

How Great is Your God? by Darin Smith

When we consider the height and transcendence of God, the questions that present themselves are: Can we even know this God?  Can He desire to know us? 

Sep 28

5 Steps of Repentance by Joel Lindsey

The importance of repentance is hard to overstate.

Aug 26

Trust God For How Long? by Daniel Ross

Unfortunately, we live in the very present world and waiting is hard. Joining David,
we cry out with the familiar refrain of ‘how long?’

Jul 6

Psalm 38 and Freedom From Consequences by Derrick Lynch

Is it possible to be at the same time repentant and also to boldly ask for relief from sin’s consequences? Or does God’s grace for our sin stop only at the point of forgiveness?  Are we on our own after that?

May 20

Repentance As A Lifestyle by David Prince

There is an initial act of faith and repentance at the moment of conversion, but, after that, the process of faith and repentance constitutes a daily discipline—the Christian’s lifestyle—and a path to joy thereafter according to Psalm 32.

May 4

God’s Way Is Through the Sea by Garrett Kell

Once He has helped us to step across the threshold of our straining circumstances, we will see that God is the wise and trustworthy Savior of His people.