Jan 10

Episode 245: Resourcing Your Church by Jared C. Wilson and Jonathan Carswell

On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared Wilson visits with Jonathan Carswell, CEO of 10 of Those, to talk about the unique ministry of effectively resourcing the church, the state of Christian readership, the importance of physical media, what one thing to look for in a Christian book, and how Christian leaders can better equip their own churches for quality reading.

Jun 27

4 Thoughts on Spiritual Fatherhood by Jared C. Wilson

A spiritual father is not a guru. He doesn’t claim to have all the right answers. He just keeps pointing you to the One who does.

May 11

Why Every Local Church Needs Spiritual Mothers by Jen Foster

Marriage and child-bearing are roles in which the Lord grows women in godliness, displays the gospel, and in which maternal instincts are deepened, but because all women have been created by God with the same physical and sociological traits, all women, whether single or married, have innate, distinct maternal traits.

Apr 22

Mark Dever on Younger Generations by Mark Dever

What encourages you about the younger generation?

Apr 15

Jeff Dodge on Effective Discipleship Processes Within Large Churches by Jeff Dodge

What does an effective discipleship process look like in a large church?

Apr 7

Student Pastors Form Ecclesiology by Andrew Harper

As leaders, what we think about the church theologically leads to how our church operates practically, but it happens in reverse for our students. As they see how the church functions practically, they develop their own theology of the church, their own ecclesiology. 

Dec 31

Men: A Plan for Simple but Hard Discipleship by David Prince

Every Christian is to follow the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and long to see the character of Jesus reflected in their life. The Bible refers to following Christ in this way as discipleship. Thus, the vital question for every man who longs to be a disciple of Christ and to disciple his family, is how?

Sep 2

What We Need From Mentors by Darryl Dash

A friend, the wife of a seminary professor, pours her life into young women. She’s discovered, though, that they don’t just need to learn advanced theology. They need to learn basic life skills. They need two things from her: relationship and learning how to live. We’re not so different. Most of us need someone who’s […]