Jason Alligood

Jason Alligood is the Teaching Pastor of Fellowship Bible Church in Peoria, Illinois. He holds degrees from Moody Bible Institute, Calvary Theological Seminary, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Systematic Theology at MBTS. He is married to Amber and together they have three children: Jonah, Karis, and Aubrey.

Oct 1

Christians, We are Losing Our Witness by Jason Alligood

We are losing the ability to graciously disagree and have conversations and even healthy debates about matters that have eternal value.

Sep 12

Love is Love, Except When It is Not by Jason Alligood

Love that is true love is wrapped in objective truth.

Oct 9

Stop Hijacking Jesus by Jason Alligood

We must have strong hermeneutical standards, but those hermeneutical standards are wrecked if we do not begin with all of Scripture being God-breathed.

Nov 13

Why I Welcome Persecution by Jason Alligood

The church flourishing in spite of persecution is not the stuff of American church culture; it's the stuff of the New Testatment and we should not be surprised by it.

Oct 10

How to Pastor When You’re Away by Jason Alligood

The only thing I could do was to depend on the Biblical pattern of elder plurality

Jul 18

Do I Really Love Jesus? by Jason Alligood

Here’s the rub: We don’t always want to love Jesus. Living in light of truth is hard and living comfortable lives according to our flesh is easy. It’s hard to put Christ first when He calls us to love Him more than anyone or anything. And yet He promises the most joy when we seek Him alone as our greatest treasure.

Jun 1

What is the Ambition of Your Life? by Jason Alligood

When the drive to achieve becomes the reason for existence in the life of a Christian, the ambition to which Scripture calls us is lost, but not unrecoverable.

May 6

Christ is Our Only Righteousness by Jason Alligood

I am nothing without Christ’s righteousness.

Mar 7

To Know and Be Known by Jason Alligood

We need to be truthful to those in our church community, so that they can come along side of us and help. We need this because we all are redeemed, yet struggling sinners.

Feb 29

Our Endurance and Christ’s by Jason Alligood

My heart sank. I made the call that no one, not even a pastor, likes to make.