We fail to remember the walking that Christ and the apostles did. In our frenzied lives, failing to remember that these men walked every place they went may fix in us a very wrong view of Christian ministry, Jesus and his followers had time to process, to meditate, to ponder with brothers, to detoxify after encounters with lies and demons and countering authorities. Not only did the walks give them the space and time they needed, it also strengthened them for more, hardening bones, stretching muscles and expanding lung capacity.

Oh, they had their busy days, just like we do. But more often than not, walking from place to place provided them ample opportunity spiritually, physically and emotionally to face their mammoth tasks.

Becoming more conscious that Jesus walked isn’t perhaps a profound revelation to you, but is necessary for you who fill every moment trying to attain maximum productivity. It isn’t Jesus-like to be harried in life, even if it seems noble to others.

Beware of using such information to be lazy, however, or to labor little for the kingdom of God. Don’t hide yourself from people as if that is somehow more spiritual. No, Jesus walked and He accomplished great things among people.

Becoming like fast-paced executives really doesn’t impress God. Busyness doesn’t equal spiritual power. When Jesus, living as the man, walked, He signified that the Spirit of God has something to do with effectiveness in ministry. We should find reasonable ways to signify the same.

Origianlly published at Christian Communicators Worldwide.

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